Someone in your life believed in you enough to invest in you.
They invested their time, resources and faith in seeing you grow.

Be that person for someone else.


one-time gift, only available in 2017

maximum 25 people

  • Invited to participate in EVERY closing ceremony ritual for each cohort forever
  • Opportunity to be a part of the applicant selection process of the very first cohort

  • Invited to come and speak to the groups on occasion during any future cohort

  • Opportunity to nominate someone every year for a chance to receive a scholarship into the AIM Experience

  • Access to the other 24 firestarters - given a directory with names and contact information

SPARK $1,000

  • Insert benefits

fLAME $2,500

  • Insert benefits

BONFIRE $5,000

  • Insert benefits

LIGHT IT UP! $5,000+

  • Insert benefits