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An experience made for women, by women




It all started when...

When a tribe of women decided it was time to invest in the future and develop young people through a learning experience unlike the typical development program... an experience that transforms. A journey of self-discovery and purpose. With women who leave saying "I had no idea I had this in me."


Learn what it means to be connected to ourselves, each other and our world.


A community of badass women.

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Authentically and passionately doing what we love.


We are a group of cross generational women who are passionate about supporting all women in growing their leadership capacity to increase the impact they have in their lives and in the world. The members of our group include Sheri Fella, Anne Thompson, Maggie Phelps and Alison Loughran.  As a collective team, we bring many years of experience in designing and developing impactful, community-based learning experiences for women and have deep experience in mentoring and coaching women as well as serving on boards and in community organizations that focus on the growth, support, and empowerment of women.  We have worked for Fortune 100 companies and as consultants for profit and not-for-profit organizations.  In our group, we are business owners, executive leaders, executive coaches and active mentors. Sheri and Anne are also the creators; Alison and Maggie are graduates of the Advancing Women in Leadership program, now in it’s 5th year.



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Indianapolis, IN

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Applications are being accepted now through March 1, 2018.